Railings made of aluminium profiles are based on the AluPlus frame system. The aluminium railing structure is a good preparation for additional balcony or loggia glazing using framed or frameless systems. More information

Balcony or loggia glazing expand the usable area, provide protection from the elements and increase overall comfort. ALUMISTR systems are known for their easy use and minimum maintenance requirements. More information

We produce balcony structures from aluminium profiles using the latest technological processes. We guarantee high quality, long life and minimum maintenance requirements. More information

ALUMISTR systems provide maximum variability, thus offering many structural design and rendering options. More information

Framed systems are the ideal solution for separating or enclosing an area. ALUMISTR prides itself on the use of modern materials with an emphasis on their quality, functionality and long life. More information

ALUMISTR’s product range includes complements and accessories suitable for balconies, loggias, gazebos, winter gardens, or various porches and verandas for houses. More information