The AluVista frameless glazing system is a sliding and revolving glazing system without vertical aluminium dividing frames. Leaves made of transparent safety glass slide along a bottom rail at the railing height and are guided by a top rail of the same shape (does not interfere with the loggia or balcony interior). Water drainage is provided via drain holes. Special sealing between the leaves and side enclosing profiles guarantees almost perfect tightness of the structure. Vent holes ensure permanent and natural air exchange. The opening method enables safe and comfortable washing. The AluVista system can be complemented with convenient shading by window blinds.


  • balcony and loggia glazing
  • winter gardens, gazebos and porches


  • opening of almost the entire glazed area
  • use of high-strength plastics
  • elimination of unevenness of the base, thanks to roller height adjustment
  • maximum safety in the event of a fire
  • allows shading with window blinds

Photogallery / realization

Implementation options